Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 2 of Tom Brown Plein Air Class - San Joaquin Marsh

Second week of painting in the Plein Air class given by Tom Brown. Both paintings are on 6x8 canvas pad. We went to San Joaquin Marsh. I'm trying to work on the form of my foliage as it never seem to come out the way I'd like. I want to make the trees and bushes more "solid". I think they look thin and choppy...too many brush strokes. Anyway, the people in the class are a great and very supportive. I wasn't sure how I would like painting with a group but I am finding it quite fun. One gem from Tom Brown was to "look for the possibilities" in a painting. As an example he said if you like the top of one tree but the trunk of another, combine them in your painting. 

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