Saturday, May 11, 2013

Virtual Paintout - Lido di Jeloso

I decided to give the virtual paintout a shot. The location for this month is Lido di Jeloso. I wasn't so sure going into the process. Now that I've done it I think it is a great idea to use Google Earth for a virtual "plein air" experience. I had to "walk around" and look for a scene that I liked. Then I had to use some creativity to move things around to get a composition that I liked. Anyway, a huge shout out to Bill Guffey for running this event.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 4 and Final Week of Tom Brown Plein Air Class - Woodbridge

For the last week of the Tom Brown plein air class we painted at North Lake in Woodbridge Irvine. This is a great location, as were all the locations for the class. Tom Brown did a quick painting then sent us off to do our own painting. I wanted to create an area of focus by using tonal contrast and hard edges. I like the way the gazebo came out. Still don't like my trees. The picture at the bottom is of my classmates hard at work. I really enjoyed this class.

Week 3 of Tom Brown Plein Air Class - Quail Hill

We painted at the Quail Hill Preserve. We had some great weather. I tried to capture the fire house but they took off in the fire truck before I was done. All I had was a red rectangle for the fire truck so I just threw some highlights on it and left it. In the second painting I tried using greens made from lamp black. The dark came out good but I really struggled with the highlights. The people in the class were great and I had lots of fun.